About Beth

Welcome to my blog!
Never in my dreams had I imagined being a blogger until about May 2012.   And I don’t know if I’d really call myself that.   I’m just an ordinary mom that needs simple reminders of God’s goodness and grace.   The best way to remind myself is to write it down.    

My husband, the one who encouraged me to “write it down” on a blog is my best friend and I know he loves me.   I feel blessed to stay at home with our 14 year old son and 10 year old daughter and love every minute of it.  

I’d rather listen than talk and I often freeze up when I’m asked to speak my thoughts or my story.  But I feel more comfortable writing it.  Writing is my refuge.

“Change” and “risk” are NOT my favorite things.  Yet, the opposites of those words, “remain” and “refuge”, are some of my favorite words.  They give me courage and joy.  I know Christ “remains” in me each moment of each day and I have “refuge” in that promise.

I’ve learned over the years that I feel comfort in writing and it has been my refuge.

Here’s some random things about me.

       1) I love to take pictures because each photo can tell a story.
      2)    I take our dog for a walk almost every morning and try to pray during that time (but my     mind so easily wanders
      3)  I like a Coca-Cola instead of coffee every day.
      4)     I feel best in the sunroom or on our screened in porch.  If I didn't have that time in it each day I think I’d lose my mind.
      5)    I love hanging out with people who have white or gray hair and a lot of wrinkles.  I visit them to hear their stories.  I record them the make books for them.
      6)   I love ACC college basketball!
      7)     I love words that start with RE- .  I don’t really know why…but I do. 
      8)     I love to spend time with dear friends because I need to laugh hard, a shoulder to cry on and just to do life together.
      9)    My life verses:  Joshua 1:9 and Romans 15:13
      10)   I had brain surgery in 1993…and if it didn't happen I might not have been rescued.
I’m glad God used that situation to get through my thick skull how much he loves me.

So, I have this blog to hold me accountable for giving glory to God and I hope my words will bring joy to my One Audience…

…and if God willing, I hope my reflections of God’s goodness and God’s story will help revive your soul.


  1. I love how you put things... writing is my refuge too! MB

  2. #5 - After leaving behind the hair dye, I would be one of those people. ;)
    #7 - Then you might like my name - Renee. ;)

  3. Happy Easter Beth--I love you!! Ramona

  4. Nice to meet you, Beth, through the Writer's Circle! I look forward to connecting with you and seeing what God does in this time of "new." I enjoyed reading your list - we have most of these in common, except for #4 (I long for a screened in porch!) and #10 :)