We all need reminders whether it's what you need to pick up at the grocery store or the need to be reminded about the important things in life.  It's easy to forget that telling someone else your story is a gift.  It's also easy to forget that hearing someone else's story is a gift...especially if the person telling it has been around for several decades.

Everyone's life is a story like no other’s so why not tell it?  It could be your stories of playing make-believe when you were a child; it could be your story about living on a farm during the Great Depression, or a recipe of grandma's that you can smell just thinking about it as memories of the stories she told you in the kitchen pour out.   Your story, faith and values are so vital in today's world.   Share your life-learning experiences and photos!   Amazing things begin to happen when you do. 

It's essential to take a little bit of your time to reflect and examine your life and the values you want to teach and pass along to others.    Or, share how you’ve seen God in the midst of your life!  Scripture verses such as Psalm 78:4 remind us of the Biblical priority of telling our faith stories: “We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.” (NIV)

So now's the time to have your story made into a book!  You probably can come up with a list of excuses or put it on the back burner, but don't!  I've helped others make their Life and Faith books and I've seen first-hand the "huge impact" it's made on the person the story is about and all who read it.  

Now's the time and I'm here to help!

I'll meet with you and record your story as your tell it (I give some ideas, too, to get your mind thinking), type it out, scan some of your photos, and then design your unique book!   

I have a degree in Art and Human Services with a concentration in Gerontology from Elon University. I was formally the Director of Activities at the Methodist and Carol Woods Retirement Communities in NC prior to staying home to raise my children.  I still love to spend time with older adults and listen to each person’s stories.  I've had a calling to pursue helping others reflect on their life and faith journey and preserve it. I encourage everyone to tell their story, express their faith, and share their wisdom.  What a gift it can be for those who hear it! 

If you're interested in making a book of yourself, or someone in your family, please contact me.  If you're even just a little bit intrigued, ask me some questions!  

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