Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is the foundation of freedom?

There are so many emotions going on this week: excitement, feeling overwhelmed, being blessed, and the fear of the unknown. We helped throw a “Sending Off” party for a dear family friend who’s being deployed to serve our country.  We sent out daughter off to camp.  Our son got braces…and oh I remember those days and the pain that came with it. I was offered an exciting job opportunity, one I wasn’t even seeking, and I have been praying for direction.

But the one thing that has quietly reminded me of His Presence in the midst of all this is the theme at the camp my daughter is attending this week with our church.  It’s “Out of this World – Where God is Always with us”. 

God is always with us.  This week I’ve seen the reminders…the shouts…the whispers…that HE’S WITH US.

Our friend needs to remember HE IS WITH THEM. While he is going to be away for several months, his wife and two sons, and soon-to-be daughter they’re adopting from Haiti, will the holding down the fort here at home.  

I’m reminded God IS ALWAYS WITH US as tons of kids are being taught tons about how He’s always with us!

God is with us and just lays gifts in our laps, even when we haven’t prayed much about it and was offered a job doing what I love to do.
This week, reading a post on incourage, God reminded me with His grace, that as a mom, relationships are more important than jobs, answering emails and checking Facebook.
This week, I’ve seen how we receive freedom because God is always with us.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”  Galatians 5:1

We have the choice to allow or not allow the burdens in life hold us captive.  We have the choice to accept freedom through Christ…always…because He’s always wants to be with us. At the eve eve of celebrating our freedom in America, I thank God for the freedom He so graciously gives us.
It is a gift. 

"Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the rules.  Treat everyone you meet with dignity.  Love your spiritual family.  Revere God.  Respect the government."                   1 Peter 2:16, 17

This past week serving God has a fresh meaning as our family’s friend is being deployed to serve our country. 
And oh how a spiritual family is needed to grasp what true service and freedom are.   A spiritual family gives the freedom to be yourself, to be vulnerable and it makes your heart desire to serve each other and others together. And when you’re in the midst of doing that, God is revered…worshipped.
I’m grateful for the foundation of freedom, through God, that was formed by our government over 200 years ago. 

The foundation of freedom is Christ in us because He’s always with us. 
And that is something to thank God for, especially this week.  Here’s joys and thanksgivings from this past week and I’m still counting and giving God the glory for them all.

# 1506  thank you to our friend who is serving our country…being deployed later this week…and will be missed
#1507  helping get ready for a “Sending Off” party
#1508  the hours of time and heart my husband put into making a video for our friend
#1509  words from the heart
#1510  laying hands and praying for our dear friends
#1511  prayers from the heart
#1512  our small group through the past almost 10 years…especially in big times like these
#1513  still finding prettiness outside even though it’s been raining and cloudy for a week
#1514  Libby off to camp
#1515  the leaders taking 44 SMC kids to camp
photo (21)
#1516  watching The Help with my hubby
#1517  Exodus 4 scripture used in The Help…one of my life verses.
#1518  our first cucumbers
#1519  neighbor calling to tell me to bring my camera to his yard to take a picture of the baby bunny in their plant.  love how they know me!
#1520  to just be silly
#1521  a job opportunity put in my lap to work with a great  photographer and design digital books for her clients.  Thanks be to God!
#1522  son got his braces and is hanging in there adjusting with some uncomfortable teeth

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  1. Beth, this is an incredibly beautiful post. I get all weepy when someone shares there support for a loved one in the military...especially one being deployed. Your friend and his family will be in my prayers. I am a board member for an organization who sends care packages to those serving in harms way. Once you have an address for your friend I would love to make sure he receives packages. It doesn't cost you anything...and the packages are filled with so much love. And oh...I have this incredible banner made by the children of my church that I could send to you to include in a package you or the family may be sending. Yes...yes...I'd love to send this to you. You can email me at thomsongirl30@yahoo.com. I love all your pictures. I'm so grateful too that He is always with us. Knowing this will bring me great comfort when my husband deploys later this year.
    Much love to you,