Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A full measure of joy

The sound of pouring rain is about to lull me to sleep.  Maybe it’s the calm I need before I run out in it to get some Christmas shopping accomplished.

On this wet and cold December day, warmth is always welcome.  Reflecting back on some thoughts that might bring warmth…some thoughts of a short post I wrote this time last year about the full measure of joy.

Thanking God for these gifts:


#1790  A white Thanksgiving eve

#1791  A day when you got a lot accomplished

#1792  table of harvest



#1793  the entertainment a one and a half year old niece can give

#1794  the traditional visit to the poinsettia nursery with family




#1795  daughter reading to her cousins and their love for her


#1796  son wanting me to hear a rap song that describes how “once you’re in the zone of being a Christ follower, that’s all you want to be in”. 

#1797  putting on those pajama pants after the Thanksgiving meal

#1798  the smell of the Christmas tree stuck on your fingertips

#1799  decorating the tree even though it’s different this year…an artificial and decorating it during the day…but still thankful for that time


#1800  the sweet little ladybug stuck on the car window beside me

#1801  Christmas lights

#1802  basketball season begins!  Yay!

#1803  Daughter performing in Esno White play

esno white 1

esno white 2

#1804  Unexpected dinner plans

#1805  A new blog created…more to come soon!

#1806  Jesus is the Light

#1807  The flame appearing in the artificial candle on a vase


#1808  Sister and niece coming in the bad weather to see daughter’s play

#1809  Both sets of grandparents coming to see daughter’s play

#1810  Daughter’s confidence growing

#1811  Tollhouse chocolate chips

#1812  making toffee bars for our military friend

#1813  a December night to relax with family by the fireplace





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