Monday, December 30, 2013

Ending 2013 in joys


I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch the past few days fighting some kind of yucky holiday virus. 

I’ve eaten chicken noodle soup more than one meal.

I’ve been thinking of hopes for 2014.

But first am wanting to end 2013 in thanks to God for the joy He can never stop giving.

Was watching the Charlie Brown New Year cartoon program on TV tonight with the family. As Charlie, Lucy, Pattie, Linus, Sally and the rest are ice skating on the pond, Snoopy and Woodstock with two other birds skate into the picture.

The yellow birds each held a sign – the first bird’s sign said “New”; the second bird held “Happy”; the third bird held “Year”.  New Happy Year

With a scolding look on his face, Snoopy corrected the birds order so their signs read, “Happy New Year”.

But what’s wrong with “New Happy Year”?  Or better yet, “New Joy Year”:

It’s a fresh start.

To count the joys that God gives as gifts.

In 2014.

Take the challenge!  In a notebook, a journal, a blog!

Today three years ago I would’ve never imagined myself counting.  But I’m glad I took the dare. 

Will you?

It’s all a God praise – for all things.  Even things that are hard to be thankful for.  But they’re gifts that “help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.” (Romans 5:3-4)   {in memory of you, sweet SF}

Thanking brings joy…

Joy unto the Lord!


Hoping you’ll discover new joys in 2014!



Here’s the gifts to thank God for to end 2013

#1814  listening to piano music of Christmas songs at night with only the light from the Christmas tree, alone, and writing

#1815  husband’s job

#1816  fun date night with husband at his work Christmas party and photo booth

elon party 13

#1817  decorating cookies with small group



#1818  dancing!

#1819  seeing a bright blue bird this cold winter morning on the bird house

#1820  All the friends to send Christmas card to

#1821  All the cards we received from family and friends that hang around the door

#1822  The start of Christmas break

#1823  Advent wreath on the kitchen table


#1824  lights in windows

#1825  Hebrews 12:1-2

#1826  being surrounded by witnesses

#1827  The Advent Good Morning Girls study with other women

#1828  the hope Jesus brings

#1829  the joy Jesus is

#1830  Libby’s teacher

#1831  Dinner with friends at Olive Garden

#1832  sitting outside in December on an afternoon 70* outside

#1833  family Christmas blog


#1834  movie night downtown Graham with family

20131222_013516294_iOS - Copy

#1835  husband loving to cook breakfast outside on a chilly Christmas Eve Eve morning


#1836  driving through neighborhoods to see lights with family

#1837  donating to Feed the Hunger

#1838  buying gifts from Angel tree with daughter

#1839  Christmas Eve traditions…yet a few unavoidable not the sames


#1840  Sugar cake gift from friend to use as Jesus’ birthday cake

#1841  lighting a candle on the sugar cake Christmas morning and singing Happy Birthday song to Jesus


#1842  giving gifts

#1843  being with my family on Christmas

#1844  hard eucharisteo – sister’s family sick and not able to be with them on Christmas yet still able to even for a day a couple days later

#1845  surprise seeing our friend who’s deployed on TV the day after Christmas


#1846  a becoming tradition of visiting with childhood friends and their families


#1847  chicken noodle soup when you’re sick

#1848  my pillow

#1849  my bed

#1850  father/son project


#1851  father/son playing on the new basketball goal

#1852  ugly eucharisteo – loosing a sister through Christ to cancer yet there is still joy knowing she’s healed and laughing her great life on Glory’s side

#1853  hearing stories about her

#1854  Unto the Lord! (with hand raised high)


{726 joys and thanks to God in 2013}

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  1. Happy New Year, Beth. I will be joining in on the Joy Dare this year. And my word for 2014....well, I'm announcing tomorrow. :)))
    Much love to you,